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1.Name: Beth
2.Gender: 13
3.Age: female
4.Where do you live?: Texas
5.Likes: pasta, humor
6.Dislikes: _omgsocool, spinach, mean people, etc.
7.Personality: likes to have fun, funny
8.Describe yourself in 10 words or less: creative, funny, outgoing, a leader, fun-loving

Bands: the Beatles, Sam Cook, other 50s and 60s bands
Movies: Runaway Bride and other romantic comedies
Books: 1984, The Golden Compass
Foods: pasta, potatoes, corn, tofu, bananas (I'm a vegetarian)
T.v Shows: Law & Order, Without A Trace

Would you ever consider/have you ever (yes or no answers)
1.drink: yes/yes (just a little wine [a tiny bit])
2.smoke: no/no
3.done drugs: no/no
5.sing on a public tage: yes/yes
6.get a tattoo: maybe/no
7.mosh: maybe/no
8.vote bush into office again: NEVER/noooooo
9.get plastic surgery: no/no

What are your thoughts on...
Death Sentence: Against it.

The movie, Passion of the Christ: Seems interesting, haven't seen it.

Our Current President: Not a big fan.

Doing Drugs: Not cool, dude.

Eating Disorders: I feel bad for people with them.

Abortion: Pro-choice

Finish the sentence: If I had one wish (and I couldn't wish for more wishes cause that would be cheating!!) I would wish for... everybody to be happy and have everything they need.

If your house was burning down, what 5 things would you grab? my cats, my mom, my dad, stuff they want, stuff I want

If you any other person for one day, who would it be? Gandhi.

If you won the lottery tomorrow, what 5 things would you buy first? the world...and that's everything, right?

Promote somewhere we can see. No friends only entries/comments. Or promote in a community.
Who or where did you promote? no.

Last but not least, 4 or more clear pictures

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