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1.Name: Mel
2.Gender: femme
3.Age: 15
4.Where do you live? In a gas tank filled with banana pudding. (NC)

5.Likes: music, movies, people, observing people, writing, playing music, traveling, trying new things, freaking people out, ect
6.Dislikes: Generally whatever anyone else dislikes..Work, racists, abortionists, guns, murder, liars, two facers, the usual.. Also thick-pulp orange juice, flip flops, NY Rangers NHL team..

7.Personality: usually hostile, quick to bite back, strong will, sarcastic, love to annoy people.. However, the other side of me is someone who loves observing humanity -- laughter, their sadness, lovers, and so forth.. I don't mind giving advice, helping someone out.. I hate fakers, and I don't care if yer going by any of the 'cliques'.. Just as long as yer faithful to yerself.. I hate liars, I'm brutally honest, and extremely emotional..
8.Describe yourself in 10 words or less: spontaneous, hyper, agressive, funny, fiery, intelligent, mature (so other's say and right now I believe them), honest, trusting, understanding.

Bands:Shit people keep asking me this today.. Godsmack, Led Zeppelin, POD, Cure, Medicine, Stray Cats, Tool, Ozzy, Black Sabbath, Creed, Nirvana, Metallica, ACDC, Saliva, Pearl Jam, Aerosmith, Nightwish, Nickleback..
Movies: Crow, Robin Hood: Men In Tights, Breakfast Club, Beautiful Mind, Dangerous Minds, LotR, XxX, Terminator, 13 Ghosts, Hellraiser, House on Haunted Hill
Foods: Chocolate, anything Italian, spoon/cornbread
T.v Shows: Angel, Mad Mad House, Crossing Jordan

Would you ever consider/have you ever (yes or no answers)
1.drink: yes/yes
2.smoke: no/no
3.done drugs: no/no
5.sing on a public stage: yes/yes
6.get a tattoo: no/no
7.mosh: yes/no bush into office again: maybe/no
9.get plastic surgery: no/no

What are your thoughts on...
Death Sentence: What goes around comes around. I figure he should be taken out for whatever he did. He shouldn't have in the first place, and people like that shouldn't hang around. Granted, the Government is horrid at getting the wrong people, and it's majority is men ( what about the woman who microwaved her child? SHE claimed insanity. She got away with it) Let 'em die. Life is for those who treat it like a gift. If you screw up, you screwed up, and to murder someone would only mean you deserve it in return.

The movie, Passion of the Christ: Quite gory. Loved it. Although the time frame depicted is a bit..well..let's porrayal of Christs' death was done as close to the real thing as possible. Direction was amazing, and the use of their languages was something that added the right hint: like cinnamon to hot chocolate.

Our Current President: I could care less either way. I know his politics effect others: I'm impartial to gay-ism, so that doesn't bother me.. Abortion is something you can't take away now, so that's out.. It'll happen anyway..The large issues are things that are unresolvable, no matter how one tries. It can get a little better, but with him I'm not too sure it'll be that way..

Doing Drugs: I'm not against a pure marijuana joint.. But you have to have common sense about it. Drinking and smoking, for instance, is bad. A little drink or a little smoke, separately, however, I've nothing against.

Eating Disorders: Obeisity and anorexia amaze me. People think I'm anorexic and I eat like a pig. I'm sympathetic but.. I could go the other way too. It all depends on the person.

Abortion: I'm against it, even with including rape. It's your child. YOUR child. Has life because YOU were able to give it life. Just because it may be from a father you don't know or like or care about or screwed up with does NOT mean that the poor thing should be terminated because YOU don't want it anymore. It's obsurd and I can go on for books about my debate against it.

Finish the sentence: If I had one wish (and I couldn't wish for more wishes cause that would be cheating!!) I would wish for... medical aid to 3rd world countries..-nod- how lame, but how large, when you think about it.

If your house was buring down, what 5 things would you grab?
1. My violin and viola, which'll both fit on my back
2. my private journal
3. my cds
4. my trench
5. my bag of photos

If you any other person for one day, who would it be? I'd never be anyone else. It's their job, not mine.

If you won the lottery tomorrow, what 5 things would you buy first?
1. College Tuition
2. a car, naturally. definately a Chevy.
3. Clothes (won't over do it. Just get what I need.)
4. food. (yet again, only what i need)
5. Adopt some children, atleast..when I get to a decent age. Then pamper them. And the families that I adopted them from. Probably an Asian girl, or Russian..Or..You know, someone from somewhere that can't support them, or care for them.

Promote somewhere we can see. No friends only entries/comments. Or promote in a community.
Who or where did you promote? I will when I feel like it. Don't worry.
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