Mel (enragedcontent) wrote in omgsomuchcooler,

Shit shit shit it's FUNNY

Whee! I LOVE PISSING THEM OFF. More will follow throughout the night (hopefully). Excuse my hostility, but laugh at the same time.

Mrs. David Letterman (hello_manda) replied to your LiveJournal comment in which you said:

Wow. She can count. I'm amazed.

How stupid do you take me for?

Their reply was:
excuse me. do not be rude to stamped members

My response:

Well, you asked for it sweetie. Can't expect everyone to be cut out of crystal.

Maybe I'm just in that mood but.. It's in that journal that Liz told me was evil (which she's right. HISS. Yeah.) and..she'll prolly think it's entertaining if anything.. -goes to hide-
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