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1.Name: Nicole.
2.Gender: female.
3.Age: eighteen.
4.Where do you live? Florida.

5.Likes: art, skateboarding though I suck but bruises are always fun! taibo, thrift shops, old record players, hanging out, staying up all night watching Jay Leno & Conan O'Brien.

6.Dislikes: racism & predijuce, homophobes (not all of them but the ones who talk about how "gross" it is), first impressions, cruel intentions, rude people, girls who think they "rule" the school (ha.. ha.. haa.. just laugh in their face). um, oh yeah, unconsiderate assholes & meatheads!

7.Personality: I'm the thin line between love & hate. choose your pick... but all around I'm a nice person until you start to provoke me then I'll just be irritated with you. I'm very blunt & I never lie to draw a smile. but on the other side I'm normally laid back, extremely easy going and I wear my heart on my sleeve though I dont trust too many people. I think I'm a fun person to be around and I like to make people laugh :)

8.Describe yourself in 10 words or less: outgoing, witty, entertaining, funny, smart, aethestic, spontaneous, blunt, opinionated, nerdy.

Bands: The Wallflowers, The Shins, Yellowcard, The Verve Pipe, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Tegan & Sara, Steriogram, R.E.M., No Doubt (their old stuff), Something Corporate.

Movies: Blow, Thirteen, The Emporers New Groove, White Oleander, The Nightmare before Christmas, Romeo + Juliet, Dirty Dancing, Whos that girl?, Grind, ESPN's Ultimate X...

Foods: tuna subs from Subway, Taco Bell anything!, samon, beefaroni.

T.v Shows: The King of Queens, America's Next Top Model, The Simpsons, Space Ghost, Mighty Mouse, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Smurfs, Duck Tales, Flinstone Kids, My Little Pony & all the late night talk shows.

Would you ever consider/have you ever (yes or no answers)
1.drink: not anymore/yes
2.smoke: not anymore/yes
3.done drugs: no anymore/yes
5.sing on a public stage: yes/no
6.get a tattoo: yes/no
7.mosh: yes/no bush into office again: undecided/no
9.get plastic surgery: no/no

What are your thoughts on...
Death Sentence: If someone wants to take the life of somebody else, then I think the law should retaliate on them, do the same either by gas, injection or electric chair. this world needs to somehow become a better place (the best that it can) and we cant have murderers/cerial killers running around lose, so all in all, I'm all for it.

The movie, Passion of the Christ: I still have not seen this one yet, but I heard a lot of differnt things about it. People have told me it was gory and brutial, but when they left the theater crying that the movie made them appriciate Him even more. but although I havnt gone to see it yet, I'm glad the movie came out.

Our Current President: I'm not much of a political person. But, I'm all for gay rights marriage so I dont know why Bush has to take that away from the gay community & gay couples who love either other cause what someones sexuality is dosent make them who they are, thats their own personal buisness, so thats one of the things that turns me off about Bush. another thing, is the war with Iraq. I dont think it was needed, make love not war. I believe in uniting. so, thats all I'm going to say about that.

Doing Drugs: I'm against this. I've been through this stage in my life where drugs were my only answer. & my brother Shaun went through this to the point where I'd be up all night with my mom wondering where my brother was, wondering if he's dead or not (because he'd been kicked out of the house several times), it was a very scary experience because I remember once I went to the apartments where he was staying at with his friends and my ma and I pulled him outside and walked him to the gazebbo, he had taken 6 barrs that night (which is like, being drunk 6 times at once so you cant feel a damn thing at all, you dont see at all everything is blurry, you can hear but its like an echo when someones trying to talk to you) anyway.. he was sitting on a bench and all of a sudden he just felt over and when he hit the ground he didnt feel anything, and it really scared me. when I was taking drugs it wasnt that severe, but it caused damage to my health & if I was still on the drugs that I was on I'd probably wouldnt be here right now.

Eating Disorders: I used to be really heavy. but, I never knew I was fat or anything, because none of my friends ever told me.. they saw past my looks & weight. then, when in 8th grade I transfered from public school to a christian private school and this one boy inpaticular would constantly call me "fat" as I walked by him. but I ignored it until he constantly continued calling me that. and the girls I'd become close friends with, one day mentioned something about my knee high tube socks and how they "stretch" (of course all this was said behind my back) until one of my certain friends told me what they had said. so I confronted them. I went home later that day and started to cry & cry... and several days later I tried sticking my finger down my throat after I had finished some cerial that morning, but nothing happened, I was to scared. until later that day at school, I went to the bathroom after lunch and I tried it and a little bit came out. then I started to continue this throughout the school year, ever other day when I could find the chance, and when I came home I did it after dinner. I went from a 16, to a size 8 in less then 4 monthes. I wouldnt say that it was a "scary" experience for me but its deffinatly nothing I would consider now. I stopped after I told my cousin and she mentioned it to my mom, so they both really helped me out. since then I've never been over a size 10. now I'm a size 8-9, so I couldnt be happier. I just think this whole issue of eating disorders is a very sensative subject. if you know somebody who has one, try your best to talk to them and help them through it.

Abortion: I'm against it but at the same time I'm pro-choice, if that even makes any bit of sense? I think that if your going to have irresponsible sex, then be RESPONSIBLE for your own actions. but in a rape situation I think it all depends on where the girl was and WHAT this girl was doing/wearing.. its not just the rapiest, its the girls actions. but I can understand if it were just some normal girl walking around town, minding her own buisness, then I guess abortion could be an option.

Finish the sentence: If I had one wish (and I couldn't wish for more wishes cause that would be cheating!!) I would wish for... cure of diseases/cancer around the world.

If your house was buring down, what 5 things would you grab?
1. all my art work.
2. my puppy.
3. my books.
4. my cds.
5. a cross becklace my dad bought me for my birthday.

If you any other person for one day, who would it be? I'd be my cousin Jen. shes a remarkable person.

If you won the lottery tomorrow, what 5 things would you buy first?
1. new car, perferably a Jeep or Honda.
2. put some aside so I can attend an Art Institute, when I get my diploma.
3. go shopping and take some close friends with me.
4. give to charitys.
5. adopt children from LPA (Little People of America) and raise them as my own, a goal of mine I've always wanted to achieve.

Promote somewhere we can see. No friends only entries/comments. Or promote in a community.
Who or where did you promote? I'll promote in peoples journals when I finish.

** sorry for any typos or if something dosent make any sense to you. I probably didnt word my views good enough but its 7AM! and I can bairly think haha. :)

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