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survey.. <3

1.Name: Brianna
2.Gender: chica
3.Age: 14
4.Where do you live? florida

5.Likes: mariela, PIZZA, laughing, chillin', movies, musica, makeup!, culture, playing my music loud .. lots more..

6.Dislikes: RACISTS, lies, conceited ppl, drama, immature people, people who are just flat out annoying, people who dont have their own opinions

7.Personality: hMm.. ppl tell me im great a storytelling cuz i make it interesting and funny. i absolutely ADORE my friends. i couldnt live without them. and im pretty much open-minded and up for anything <33

8.Describe yourself in 10 words or less: funny. smart. beautiful. caring. honest. trustworthy. loving. admirable. spontaneous. creative.

Bands: N.H.O.I, Zero 7, something corporate, radiohead, amerie, ashanti, chamillionaire, Lauryn Hill, basically hiphop, rap, r&b, rock, and bits of other stuff
Movies: selena, angel eyes, scarface, godfather, blue crush, up in smoke, the guru (LOL), sister act 2...
Books: The Lovely Bones, Carrie Pilby
Foods: Pizza, chocolate, enchiladas, arroz con pollo, hash browns, dr. pepper
T.v Shows: law n order svu, csi

Would you ever consider/have you ever (yes or no answers)
1.drink: yes/yes
2.smoke: no/no
3.done drugs: ../yes (pot)
5.sing on a public stage: yes/yes
6.get a tattoo: yes/no
7.mosh: yes/no
8.vote bush into office again: maybe/no
9.get plastic surgery: no/no

What are your thoughts on...
Death Sentence: seeing as how now-a-days the death sentence is mostly by lethal injection (bcuz everything else is considered cruel and unusual) then if a person commited murder or molests children or raped a woman or anything considered apalling.. they should get what they deserve. people say "oh.. well no one deserves to die!" niether did the person they murdered or the person they may have hurt.

The movie, Passion of the Christ: a little gory. but all in all i like the basic idea. Mel Gibson to me is a very talented actor. i like him. he was so passionate in Braveheart.. and he wasnt even Scottish. talent.

Our Current President: i dont really like him. to be honest.. i think that some of his choices were smart, but i cant seem to level with a guy that makes pronunciation mistakes during really important speeches. "strategery" is NOT a word. niether is "misunderestimate". but i wouldnt have voted for Al Gore either. When he claimed he invented the internet.. thats ur first clue that he's crazy.

Doing Drugs: ive done my share of weed n crap.. but these days.. almost everyone.. (note the ALMOST) but i think its a big mistake. i have a friend whos currently in rehab for doing.. so many things (when she was 12 & 13) and she's doing better and may even live with me :)

Eating Disorders: dont like them. i have sympathy for those who have them.. but it boggles my mind how ppl can think they are fat when they are so obviously not.

Abortion: if the woman/girl was raped then i think she should have the right to this option. if not.. then she should take responsibility. simple as that.

Finish the sentence: If I had one wish (and I couldn't wish for more wishes cause that would be cheating!!) I would wish for...a chance to be with Mariela forever.

If your house was buring down, what 5 things would you grab?
1. my sisters Kiara n Maritza
2. my puppy.
3. my picture box
4. my giant tiger stuffed animal <3
5. a cell phone. to call fire dept.

If you any other person for one day, who would it be? ill say mariela.. just so i know what she feels like sometimes.. so i can understand <3

If you won the lottery tomorrow, what 5 things would you buy first?
1. a HOUSE! ive lived in a house ONCE in my entire life.
2. pay back mariela for everything
3. a CAR!
4. stuFF for my sisterS
5. send some to family in other countries. they're hurtin.

Promote somewhere we can see. No friends only entries/comments. Or promote in a community.
Who or where did you promote? my journal.

i duunnno if i hafta put pics or not lol well <33 tell me if i do
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